Comview 17 Conference and Expo

Staff from Financial Basics Foundation recently presented at the Victorian Commercial Teachers Association (VCTA) (find them on Facebook) annual Comview conference & expo in Melbourne.

We worked with an interested and engaged group of teachers to explore the topic of “Delivering Excellence in Financial Literacy”.

During the session, teachers were provided with access to ESSI Money and took part in a hotly contested Comview ESSI Money Challenge! The winners of the Challenge were determined by the highest in-game net worth at the end of 20 minutes of playing ESSI Money.

The final placings were:
First place: Liz Fagan. Liz received a printed and bound copy of the full OFL resource and a $50 VISA cash card.
Runners up: Eli Barnes & Michael Bourke. Eli & Michael each received a $25 VISA cash card.

Photo: Michael, Liz & Eli at Comview 17. Liz is proudly holding her copy of the complete OFL package.

Thank you very much to everyone who came along to the session for your positive feedback on the game, the classroom resource and the session itself. Thank you also to VCTA for a fantastic conference in the heart of Melbourne, and the opportunity to share our resources with teachers. 

Access to our materials is free to all Australian educators. Just head over to our registration age and complete the form to sign up.

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