A better way to learn than text books!

The Queensland Association of Maths Teachers recently hosted their first conference of 2018 with a great theme - ‘Maths in Real Life’. The theme underpinned all aspects of the weekend and it was extremely rewarding to spend time with such a passionate and enthusiastic group of teachers and pre-service teachers who had gathered together at Yeronga State School to share and learn.   
The Financial Basics Foundation session centred on the ESSI Money Game, focussing on the application of ‘Real Life’ financial literacy and capability elements that the game simulates and teaches. One session attendee was heard exclaiming, “this is a way better way to learn than text books!”
Feedback from the session attendees was that they could definitely see ways to integrate FBF materials, including Operation Financial Literacy (OFL), Financial Literacy in Practice (FLIP) and ESSI Money into their lessons straight away.
This conference provided a fantastic opportunity for mathematics educators to get ‘hands-on’ with FBF materials and we look forward to presenting at future QAMT events!

Conference attendees checking out the OFL folder at the QAMT conference.

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