Connecting Educators to Quality Financial Literacy Resources

In 2017 we partnered with Q-Coal Foundation to establish a program aimed at improving the financial capability and resilience of young Queenslanders, with a particular focus on those living in rural and regional communities.

In December we visited schools in Collinsville, Proserpine and Bowen to discuss how our existing resources can be integrated into existing curriculum and also how we might develop new resources which can be delivered as part of life skills subjects. During this visit we learnt a lot about the issues and concerns facing the young people in this area and how these schools are tailoring their curriculum to meet the needs of students and the wider community.   

We also reached out to the Brisbane, Capricornia and Charters Towers Schools of Distance Education and are now arranging Professional Development sessions focusing on how to incorporate our resources into distance education programs.

We will be working with the staff and delivering PD sessions via Queensland’s Education Online Collaborate Tool, which is the same tool distance educators use to deliver curriculum to their students.

If you are a distance educator and would like some more information about professional development in your school, please email us at

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