Slaying the Debt Dragon at Bray Park SHS

The Slaying the Debt Dragon presentation looks at actions which can be taken to solve debt problems before it’s too late. Students hear about the realities of debt first hand from an industry presenter, and are prompted to examine spending habits, to think about strategies to address financial difficulties, and to create an action plan in response to debt.
This month we visited the Year 12’s at Bray Park State High School. The Bray Park seniors had some excellent questions and stories when it came to debt, which made the sessions interactive, informative and enjoyable. They also came up with comprehensive responses to some challenging debt scenarios. One of the most gratifying parts of the presentation was having the opportunity to hear how many students have savings plans in place for overseas trips, their formal, purchasing a car and planning for University!
Bray Park students are to be commended for the manner in which they conducted themselves, and we greatly appreciate the efforts of the teachers in working through the pre-presentation materials with students. Special thanks to Senior Schooling HOD Karenne Haygarth for making the visits to the school possible.

Collection House presenter Luna Queen at Bray Park State High School

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