New FLIP - FinTech and Gamification

Elements of FinTech and Gamification are increasingly becoming integrated into our day-to-day lives. From fitness bands that prompt us to exercise and reward us with points for achievements, to tap and pay technology using our phones, elements of Gamification and FinTech are present all around us.

The banking industry is currently in the midst of being disrupted by technology. The rise in popularity and use of Internet banking has led to the development of a whole range of Financial Technology (FinTech), which has had an impact on the entire banking industry.

FBF is excited to release a new FLIP, created to engage students in looking at how FinTech and Gamification are disrupting the banking sector and changing the role of banks and the way we bank.

Help your students to have a better understanding of these changes in order to navigate the complex world of banking and finance. Check out the new Fintech & Gamification – changing the face of banking FLIP! 

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