Supporters and Partnerships

Financial Basics Foundation is supported through formal agreements with a number of corporate partner organisations, including our Founding Partner, Collection House. The in-kind support, along with the voluntary contribution of time and expertise given by a number of generous individuals and organisation enables us to continue our work.

We have a number of partnerships with like-minded organisations that support us to deliver our mission.

Our partnerships have enabled us to:

  • Deliver our programs to teachers and schools across Australia
  • Develop new and innovative programs and resources
  • Increase our brand recognition and public awareness
  • Review and improve our existing resources
  • Provide services to new areas of Australia including rural and remote regions
  • Build organisational capacity and add value to the work we undertake

We are proud of our long history of collaboration and where it has taken us as an organisation. We always partner with organisations that share our vision and align to similar values. 

Thank you to our past and current partners who have supported us, it is with your help we are able to do what we do. 

We would like to take this opportunity to make special mention of the people who help us achieve our Vision.


Suncorp is partnering with one of Australia's leading providers of financial literacy programs, the Financial Basics Foundation, to improve the financial literacy of young people. By offering a range of fun, interactive online resources to all Australian secondary school teachers, we are working to give every young person the knowledge, skills and confidence to manage their money. All of which means a better financial future for our younger generations, their families and our customers.

Suncorp is the Presenting Partner of ESSI Money and the ESSI Money Challenge. 

Visit Suncorp at


BDO in Australia is proud to support Financial Basics Foundation’s mission to improve the financial literacy of young people. As an accountancy and advisory firm with a heritage in helping businesses grow, we believe that the most important foundation for success is education.  We’re committed to working with the Foundation to equip our young people with strong financial literacy skills and enable them to plan ahead for a bright future.   


Collection House Limited co-founded the Financial Basics Foundation in 2002.

Financial Basics Foundation wishes to acknowledge Collection House as our founding donor and thank the Board of Directors and staff of Collection House for the significant financial and in-kind support provided between 2002 - 2018.

Additional information about Collection House is available at

Thank you to all of our past and current partners.



The Financial Basics Foundation and Financial Basics Community Foundation are charities, registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (

For information about how to make a donation, please contact us directly on (03) 9610 4919 or email: