Welcome to your very first FLIP, where we bring financial literacy into focus with real-life applications, practical teaching strategies and extra resources. This FLIP's topic is SOS!!! Smart Online Shopping.

What’s Smart Online Shopping about?

SOS!!! Smart Online Shopping teaches your students to be savvy online consumers. This module tackles essential online issues including security, scams, spending within your budget and more. This Module is relevant to a range of curriculum, including:
  • English
  • Maths
  • Economics & Business
  • Technology
  • Cert. 1 in Skills for Vocational Pathways (Performance Criteria)

Why should your students care?

With so much of our online transactions (and lives) taking place on the internet, it’s essential that students learn to recognise and avoid online scams and security issues. Every time you’re online, you’re exposed to potential online risks (even when you’re just on facebook!) Being savvy is the best protection.

Smart Online Shopping in real life

Smart Online Shopping was in the news headlines just a few short weeks ago when eBay announced a breach of its online security. This was due to a widespread encryption bug known as Heartbleed. This video explains a little about what Heartbleed is, and how it affected millions of internet users around the world. 


Member Resources

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New activity added to Module 12

Check out our new Safe Online Shopping activity sheet in Module 12 - Online Auctions.

Open Access Resources

Engage your students in the classroom using these open access resources, including your free FLIP activities and worksheets. Teacher notes and solutions included. 


Videos are a fun and entertaining way to introduce students to financial literacy. Use these in the classroom to capture your students’ attention. Today’s FLIP videos were created by the ACCC and the Australian Government. For more videos and online resources, see Module 12: SOS!!! Smart Online Shopping.

Visit the ACCC website for more videos and a range of other useful classroom resources. 

‘Do You Stay Smart Online’ was released in 2017 by the Australian Government as part of Stay Smart Online Awareness Week.