Financial Basics - Fintech Boot Camp

This course focuses on exploring several FinTech products and using the skills and knowledge gained to make judgements and recommendations. Learners will also learn how FinTech products are disrupting traditional banking and personal finance systems.

The course


By the end of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Recall a type of FinTech that they have used or seen used
  • Match FinTech concepts with the correct description 
  • Explain FinTech in their own words
  • Evaluate three common FinTech applications
  • Convince others on why they should use a particular FinTech 
  • Explain the purpose of taxation
  • Recall the purpose of three common FinTech applications
  • Recall the correct rate of GST in Australia
  • Recall the costs associated with one common FinTech application


This course consists of three key areas:

  • Basic FinTech concepts
  • FinTech disruption in Australia
  • Benefits and purposes of FinTech

Completing the course

Self-guided learning

This learning is self-guided. What this means for you as a learner is that you have more choice, but greater responsibility. Self-guided means you set the pace and choose how and when to complete readings, videos and activities. Self-guided also means you are responsible for checking your answers against our model answers or feedback.

Don’t forget, you probably also know some people around you, your family, friends, and work colleagues that might be able to help.

We’d love to acknowledge your learning through a badge. So if you’d like to get a badge, here’s what you need to do:

  • View every page of this course
  • Complete every activity
  • Complete the course survey
  • Achieve 100% on the final quiz

Once you’ve done this, your badge will appear on the overview page for this course.

Standards (for educators)

The content and tasks in this course have been aligned to the following Australian Curriculum elements:

  • Consumer and financial literacy – use critical thinking and problem-solving skills to make informed consumer and financial decisions.
  • General Capabilities
    • Critical and creating thinking: Imagine, generate, develop and critically evaluate ideas (Technologies), generate and evaluate knowledge, ideas and possibilities, and use them when seeking solutions (Mathematics)
  • English – Use a range of software, including word processing programs, flexibly and imaginatively to publish texts (ACELY1748)

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