ESSI Money is now playable across ALL devices on ALL browsers!

You can register your classes to play ESSI Money within the ESSI Money Portal, available when you log in to your Educator account on our website.

We recommend separate registrations for each of your classes. For every class you register, you receive an ESSI Money Game Link for students to play the game and a Teacher Dashboard link. Each Game Link allows a maximum of 40 students to play 5 games each. Register for a new game for extra classes or if you have more than 40 students playing. To keep your class management page organised, it’s a good idea to clearly label your class name, for example, 2023 Term 1 Year 9B Mathematics.

You can register for as many classes as you need as often as you like.

You must provide access to the Game Link to your students. Each student must click the Game Link to register as an ESSI Money user. This user registration also allows students to manage their own password reset facility.

Once students click on the Game Link provided by the teacher, they can register as a new user or log in as an existing user.

Students only need to register once with their school email address and can then use that same login to access games from any Game Link in any class at any time.

This user registration also allows students to manage their own password reset facility.

Your student can attempt to reset their own password at the ESSI Money Game login screen. Many education authorities filter password reset emails as spam, so we have also provided teachers with a student Reset Password tool.

For every class you register in the ESSI Money Portal, available when you log in to your Educator account on our website, you will find a Reset Password button. Click the button and follow the prompts to reset student passwords as often as required.

  • ESSI Money is an interactive structured financial literacy e-learning game designed around the concept of a challenge or quest.
  • The player is required to make a series of financial decisions over a period of time in order to achieve the best possible financial result.
  • The player experiences the consequences of decisions made throughout the game.
  • Events are random, and no two games are the same.
  • The positive and negative effects of financial decisions made over an extended period of time are demonstrated.
  • The game uses educational scaffolding (through Finance Weekly articles and quizzes) to create an authentic learning experience.
  • The outcome of the game is the net worth (assets less liabilities) the student has at the end of the 6-month period.

Students are able to:

  • Apply for jobs and earn an income
  • Open bank accounts and set up direct debit authorisations
  • Set financial goals
  • Create and operate within a budget
  • Open savings and term deposit accounts
  • Pay regular living expenses
  • Buy and sell goods online for cash or credit
  • Explore a new financial topic each week in the Finance Weekly online article
  • Answer Finance Weekly quiz questions, as well as random end of week questions to earn bonus cash
  • Apply for and operate a credit card account
  • Invest in shares
  • Make decisions on financial offers and invitations through texts and emails
  • Experience bankruptcy conditions if payments exceed receipts
  • Introduction to a topic or unit to capture interest
  • End of topic/unit activity to consolidate learning
  • Introduction and conclusion to a unit to measure shift in learning
  • Throughout a unit of study lessons can be designed around Finance Weekly articles.
  • Standalone activity
  • Reward
  • Homework
  • Assessment
  • Competition (use the Teacher Dashboard to monitor progress)

For every class you register in the ESSI Money Portal, available when you log in to your Educator account on the Financial Basics Foundation website, you will find a Teacher Dashboard button. Click the button, and the Teacher Dashboard’s first page is your class leaderboard.

Full text for each of the Finance Weekly articles is provided in Finance Weekly content notes which give you the flexibility to plan your lessons around the game.

For every class you register in the ESSI Money Portal, available when you log in to your Educator account on our website, you will find a Teacher Dashboard button.

Within the Teacher Dashboard for each of your classes you can:

  • View a class leaderboard with a range of reporting data.
  • Select and track an individual student’s weekly activity as they progress through the game.
  • Review diary entries.
  • Review aggregated class and individual student Finance Weekly Quizzes, random end-of-week questions and end-of-game quiz responses.

ESSI Money plus offers a higher level of complexity to students.

  • The My Shares app is only available in ESSI Money Plus.
  • End-of-week random questions and Weekly Planner reflective questions are more challenging.
  • ESSI Money Plus has different banking (transaction and savings accounts, term deposits and credit cards) products.
  • The probability formulation of a range of game events in ESSI Money Plus has been adjusted to make the game more challenging.

You can find our privacy policy here.

If you are looking for detailed information for your Education Department, this information can be found on the Education Department Safe List Information page.

Each Game Link allows 5 games each for up to 40 players. If you have more than 40 students, or your students need to play more than 5 games, simply register for a new Game Link.

You can register for as many Game Links as you need as often as you like. Once a student has accessed a Game Link to log in, you cannot delete this player from your class list.

A player can’t go backwards or replay a specific game.

Students must complete week 1 (actioning financial decisions) of the game and progress to week 2 for their names to appear in the CLASS STATS list.

The number of students listed in CLASS STATS may not agree with the number of TOTAL GAMES. This is because TOTAL GAMES includes all students who have registered on the game link including those that have not commenced playing yet.

When you access the Teacher Dashboard in the ESSI Money Portal, the class list may take 10-15 seconds to load. Click on the PLAYER NAME tab after this time and your students’ names should appear.

Players cannot progress to week 2 until they use some or all of the money in their cash box to open a transaction account.

Savings and Investment accounts are locked until the player opens a transaction account.

Students playing ESSI Money Plus must also complete the Finance Weekly Quiz before they can progress to week 2.

  • Email– Mail is organised in folders for messages, bills and My Bank. The player will receive notifications, bills, and offers via email.
  • My Bank– The player is able to open and close transaction, savings and investment accounts, view and check bank their statement and transfer money. Balance for all accounts, including superannuation can be checked here.
  • Messages– Random offers arrive via text messages. The player can accept or decline.
  • Weekly Planner– The planner in the My Budget tab allows the player to allocate weekly income. The input area in the Diary tab allows the player to make weekly entries as well as respond to a weekly reflection question.
  • My Cash– Money from Finance Weekly quizzes, random end of week questions and random events goes to My Cash. The player can transfer money from My Cash to bank accounts.
  • My Credit– A range of credit cards is offered. The player is able to check the credit card statement and make payment.
  • My Stuff– All personal possessions owned by the player are shown here. These can be sold on iBuy.
  • Job Finder– A range of jobs are advertised weekly.
  • uShop– The player can buy new items and choose a payment method at the advertised price.
  • iBuy– The player can use this app to buy second hand items immediately at advertised price, or offer a bid. Items from My Stuff can be sold here.
  • Shares– The player can buy and sell shares by checking the current market and accessing their Share Portfolio. Graphed performance data and risk rating is available for available shares.
  • Finance Weekly– A new article covering a game related financial topic is published in each of the 26 weeks of play. The player is given the option to answer up to 5 questions to earn bonus money.

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