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Free resources designed to help youteach your teens about money

Developing good money habits from an early age can be key to your child’s financial wellbeing. Research shows that financial wellbeing is higher for people whose parents provided them with advice on money matters when they were growing up. We know it’s one thing to explain a financial concept to young people but demonstrating it with real life behaviours can really help them understand it better.

The Financial Basics Foundation has developed a toolkit of practical activities, fact sheets, tools and tips designed to help you build the financial capability of your children.

Introduce your kids to Mon and her cyber buddy IQ who explain the financial basics teens need to know to get themselves started on managing their own money.

Your children can access the videos independently via YouTube, but you can also use this unique resource to start family discussions on important financial topics.

This resource focuses on simple and practical money management behaviours which can be developed within the family.

These financial fact sheets can be used as a discussion starter with family members and friends — for self-reflection to check how much you already know and where to find more information.

Young people are more likely to adopt good financial behaviours by ‘doing’.

This resource outlines five simple rules for conscious spending which can be actioned immediately.

Disclaimer: The information on this website is general educational information. It is not financial advice. We are not financial advisors. The information is designed to improve your financial literacy by increasing your awareness and understanding of the topics described.