Cashed Up Boot Camp – Level Up Your Money Plan

Welcome to Cashed Up – Developing Financial Skills for Life – Level up your money plan. Completing this course will help you understand your relationship with money. As you work through the course, you’ll learn how to practise positive money habits, develop the skills you need to set and achieve your financial goals, and manage your bank accounts.

  • Your teacher will direct your journey through this course. You’ll complete tasks to practise what you’ve learned as you work through the course.
  • This course should take you approximately 6-10 hours to complete.
  • In order to earn your course badge, you will need to have:
    • 100% progress through the course (viewing pages and completing tasks)
    • Completed ALL tasks (Do attempted tasks need to be 100% correct?)
    • a score of at least 8/10 in the quiz at the end of the course.

The Level up your money plan course sections are:

1. Identify your money values.

Dive into your personal money values and recognise the many factors can influence your financial behaviours over the course of your life.

2. Boost your money habits.

Start using some positive financial behaviours to level up your money plan.

3. Set some financial goals.

Start planning now to reach your financial dreams. Learn how to set goals that can be achieved.

4. Sort out your bank accounts.

Gain confidence in choosing and managing the right bank accounts for you.

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