Welcome to the Financial Basics Foundation

Financial Basics Foundation has a streamlined registration process so that all members can have easy access to the range of Financial Basics Foundation resources and products. There are TWO types of Membership:

1. For Teachers

This registration is for Australian secondary school teachers. This allows free access to ALL of the Financial Basics Foundation’s resources including Operation Financial LiteracyESSI Money, our Blog, our Teacher Discussion Forum and email Newsletter.

2. For Charities, Individuals, Home School Educators and Registered Training Organisations

This registration is approved on a case by case basis and allows charities, individuals, and Registered Training Organisations free access to some of our resources, including Operation Financial Literacy, our Blog, and the digital Newsletter. We love to share our resources, however we’d just like to know a little about who is using it first!

The simple, step by step registration below will guide you through the registration that’s right for you. We hope to see you with us soon!