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ESSI Money supports students to explore the concepts of Earning Saving Spending Investing in an educational and fun way.

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Operation Financial Literacy

With over 500 pages of information and activities, Operation Financial Literacy is a trusted classroom resource for many Australian high school teachers.

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Webinar Technology Makes PD Sessions for Schools Across Australia Possible!

After successfully presenting webinars in the Education Qld Collaborate environment in 2018, this month we ran a number of webinars using the Zoom platform. … Read More

Ca$hEd Up – Developing Financial Skills for Life pilot program

Financial Basics Foundation and QCoal Foundation have been working together on a pilot program that explores financial literacy capability and wellbeing as a life skill rather than a subject area requirement; Ca$hEd Up – Developing Financial Skills for Life. … Read More

Tips for getting finance for your first car

Buying your first car is an exciting time – a time of independence and increased freedom – and also, for many of you, your first experience with borrowing money. This exciting time therefore brings some important decisions. … Read More

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