ESSI Money v2.0 is here!

ESSI Money supports students to explore the concepts of Earning Saving Spending Investing in an educational and fun way.

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Operation Financial Literacy

With over 500 pages of information and activities, Operation Financial Literacy is a trusted classroom resource for many Australian high school teachers.

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Challenge your students to put their financial knowledge to the test and win prizes!

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BEAQ Conference – Gaining Momentum!

The Business Educators Association of Queensland recently hosted its 2018 Annual Conference, ‘Gaining Momentum’ at the Brisbane Convention Centre. Financial Basics Foundation’s National Program Manager, Damian Nicholson attended and had the opportunity to meet and network with some of the 400 teachers from across the state. … Read More

One of the certainties in life…tax

As Benjamin Franklin famously stated, “…in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes”. Taxes are central to our society – in Australia, our taxes support government sector expenditure ranging from defence and public safety, to education and health, to social security and welfare, to transport and communication infrastructure, to our courts and legal services, and much, much more. … Read More

QAMT Conference - Game On!

The Queensland Association of Maths Teachers recently hosted its 2018 Annual Conference, ‘Game On!’ at Brisbane State High School. … Read More

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