ESSI Money v2.0 is here!

ESSI Money supports students to explore the concepts of Earning Saving Spending Investing in an educational and fun way.

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Operation Financial Literacy

With over 500 pages of information and activities, Operation Financial Literacy is a trusted classroom resource for many Australian high school teachers.

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ESSI Money 2.0 is here!

After 10 years and some great feedback about ESSI Money 1.0, we have been working hard to improve the experience of the game. As a result we are excited to introduce ESSI Money 2.0! … Read More

The Opposite of Debt

You may not be aware, but the Financial Basics Foundation was originally dreamt up by Collection House, one of Australia's largest debt collection agencies. Financial Basics is now a fully independent organisation, but Collection House continues to play a key role as a major sponsor, contributing $1.4 million in the last 13 years. … Read More

Shedding a light on celebrity endorsements

Think your students are immune to advertising? Research shows we’re not in as much control as we might like. … Read More

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